January 6, 2015 · Yesenia Sotelo

Use Analytics to Improve Your Nonprofit Website

What are your Analytics numbers actually saying to you, and what does this have to do with the future of your website? »
November 6, 2014 · Yesenia Sotelo

How to Use Website Analytics to Measure “Awareness”

Your guide to bringing fuzzy metrics into focus. »
October 30, 2014 · Michelle L. Chaplin

Is the New Salesforce Analytics Wave Right for Your Nonprofit?

What is Wave Analytics, and why are The Beach Boys singing about it? »
January 10, 2014 · Emily Weinberg

Measuring the Success of Your Blog Through Content, Social Media, and Analytics

One way of improving your blog’s content is to look at your existing content to find out what is working well and what is not working well with your blog. Data gathering and analysis can go a long way to making sure you understand why people are visiting your blog, and if you're meeting your goals for your blog. »
November 20, 2012 · Ritu Sharma

Three Analytics Tools to Gauge Your Social Audience’s Pulse

Here are three simple tips and resources that nonprofits can use to measure their success. »
Photo of Morpheus from the movie The Matrix, with text "What if I told you you can use social media tracking to further your mission"
October 19, 2016 · Lyndal Cairns

Take the Red Pill for Mind-Blowing Social Media Retargeting

What if I told you that you could use social media to find the people who visited your website and lure them back with a great offer? »
"Help Wanted: Must Be Curious"
September 7, 2016 · Steve MacLaughlin

Help Wanted: Must Be Curious

We live in a time when data and information are changing how we work and are amplifying the results. »
Threatening and non-threatening behavior
August 25, 2016 · Steph Routh

Things We Like (August 2016)

Turtles dressed as hamburgers, measuring user behavior, emoji-inspired images, and more in this month's Things We Like. »