Take the Equity in Nonprofit Technology pledge

Dismantle inequities by addressing the use, creation, and funding of technology.

Nonprofit technology is marked by inequities within our organizations and our sector. You can see this in staffing and processes, and the way technology tools are implemented.

These inequities must be dismantled if we want to address our communities’ needs permanently. Whether you’re a user, builder, or funder, you have a responsibility to ensure the equitable use of technology.

The NTEN community collaborated to create the Equity Guide in Nonprofit Technology as resource to guide equitable decision-making and investment at all levels.

Join us by pledging to put these ideas into practice!

From any position, in any organization or community, we welcome everyone committed to a world where missions and movements are successful through the skillful and equitable use of technology to take this pledge with us.

I pledge to:

  • Acknowledge, examine, and intentionally dismantle white supremacy and other forms of racism.
  • Minimize power imbalances between funders/grantees, management/staff, nonprofits/constituents, and vendors/nonprofits.
  • Create more accessible organizations from which everyone will benefit.
  • Meaningfully return power to staff and community members, regardless of job title or technical experience, to decide their futures.
  • Hold technology funders and providers accountable to (and in relationship with) the nonprofits and communities served through our investments.
  • Create organizational cultures that can adequately support and learn from individuals who have lived experiences of marginalization.
  • Value and protect the contributed expertise of our communities.
  • Build nonprofits that are capable of uprooting oppression and not just treating the symptoms.

I pledge to use the Equity Guide in my work and help demonstrate the growing movement of practitioners who are prioritizing equity in technology use, funding, and creation.

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