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Measure your tech practices to better meet your mission!

Tech Accelerate is a free benchmarking assessment of your organization’s technology use and policies across four major categories: leadership, organization, infrastructure, and fundraising and communications.

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  1. Make sure your organization is connected to your NTEN.org profile.
  2. Complete your organization profile.
  3. Start an assessment by answering questions in any of the four categories.
  4. Anyone connected to your organization's profile can find, view, and contribute to the organization's assessment, regardless of who created it. Directly invite colleagues to contribute any time by directing them to the website or sending them an invite email.
  5. When everyone has provided input, submit the completed assessment to receive a customized report that identifies the areas most in need of investment or improvement.

Customized reports include:

  • Rankings to compare your data to similar organizations.
  • Priorities for budgeting and getting buy-in from leaders, board members, and other staff.
  • Resources and readings to boost your technology to help advance your cause.

Use your Tech Accelerate report to:

  • Build your IT roadmap.
  • Inform your strategic planning.
  • Apply for funding.
  • Prioritize staff training.