Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do my colleagues contribute to an Assessment with me?
A: You can have any number of colleagues contribute to an Assessment with you and we encourage you to include others across your organization to ensure you have the most realistic data for your report. To access your shared Assessment, colleagues need to be connected to your organization's profile. If they aren't connected, they need to create a profile at and the primary contact on your organization's account will receive a notification to accept the connection. If you need assistance, email
Q: How many questions can I skip?
A: We recognize that sometimes a question is outside of the scope of your organization or your knowledge. Tech Accelerate allows for approximately 20% of the questions to be skipped and a Report to be generated. Questions you skip will be noted in the Report for transparency.
Q: How do I view my previous report/s?
A: A report is generated once the Assessment is completed and submitted. Each submitted Assessment is recorded with a dated Report and saved/viewable in Report History from the left side navigation. All reports submitted for an organization, even if completed and submitted by different staff, will be saved and viewable in the Report History section and accessible to all staff connected to the organization's profile.
Q: Why do I need to complete my organization's profile?
A: The organization profile data is used in several ways. First, it allows for us to properly analyze your data against the full historical dataset that fuels the Report and Benchmarks sections. Second, it allows us to continue adding data to the dataset to make future analysis even better. Finally, it enables the real-time Benchmarks tool that you can assess from a Report.
Q: Why does the Benchmarks section include only a partial list of questions from the Assessment?
A: The Benchmarks section includes questions that have a significant amount of data for analysis and we have found to be of interest to participants. We will continue to add more questions to the Benchmarks tool as the data allows.
Q: Where can I send my questions or feedback about Tech Accelerate?
A: We would love to hear from you! We are happy to answer questions, support your use of the Report, and receive your feedback. Email us at anytime!