About Tech Accelerate

Since 2006, NTEN has produced the annual Nonprofit Technology Staffing and Investments survey and report. The reports chronicle how the nonprofit sector invests in technology—from staffing levels to technology budgets.

We know, however, that nonprofits want to find the data and benchmarks that helps them to make better informed decisions. A static report is useful for informing staff and boards about the general trends and practices, but we knew there was more we could do to support organizational leaders making important decisions and investing in the right places.

We built Tech Accelerate to include:

  • a comprehensive assessment about technology use and policies across four major categories: leadership, organization, infrastructure, and fundraising & communications
  • a full report that includes both overall and category rankings, prioritized targets for investment, and resources for next steps
  • benchmarking tools to explore your data in comparison to organizations like yours

NTEN is grateful to Microsoft for its financial support of Tech Accelerate.

Past Tech Staffing & Investment Reports

NTEN’s annual Nonprofit Technology Staffing and Investments research seeks to gauge the state of nonprofit investments in technology resources, and provides organizations with annual information to help evaluate their own approaches. When we began this research series in 2006, it was the first time a survey of this kind had ever been done. We hoped to shed light on the most common questions nonprofit organizations were asking in this area, including the level of investment nonprofits were making in technology, what typical salaries looked like, and how small and large organizations compared with each other.