Advanced Google Analytics 4

In this advanced course, you'll explore the most useful Google Analytics 4 features for improving your organization's outreach efforts.

You'll learn how to understand and engage specific types of people who visit your website by grouping them into target audiences using segment and audience tools. For even more insights, you'll explore features called path analysis and user snapshot, which can help you discover the top pages new users visit and how a specific (but anonymous) user interacted with your site.

You'll work on a sample analysis of the ways to identify which pages lead users to your website's donate page and whether or not they donate once they're there. Finally, you'll learn how to use the event-based tracking feature to see the specific actions people take on your website, such as donating or signing up for emails.

This course is part of a two-course series. It is highly recommended to take Introduction to Google Analytics 4 before taking this advanced course.

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