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May 23, 2023

As the only statewide provider of direct and free legal services to indigent Native Americans, Tribes, and organizations and with four offices across the state, CILS serves all 58 counties in California and provides a full range of legal services, across a wide array of projects and programs at various service levels, including advice and counsel, brief services for limited scope or self-representation, and extensive services that may include direct representation in court.

The fundamental purpose of CILS’ core work is to provide free legal services to low-income Native American individuals, Tribes, and communities to address key and emerging issues in federal Indian law so that all Tribal communities are safe, healthy, and have sustainable economies. CILS is involved in litigation, development of policy, advocacy, and transactional services to tribes involving economic development and building tribal infrastructure.

California Indian Legal Services (“CILS”) is requesting proposals for a consultant who has experience working with a Pika to Legal Server migration to assist the organization with Go Live (estimated end of July 2023), customization, and creation of a staff training program.


The purpose of this work is to increase CILS’s organizational capacity to serve its clients and to meet its compliance obligations to its funders with increased effectiveness, efficiency and ease. The selected consultant will assist CILS with the
following objectives:

  1. The completion of migration from Pika to Legal Server, including all activities related to launching LegalServer:
    a. Customization of modules
    b. Support during Go Live
    c. Report Building
    d. Troubleshooting and assistance
  2. Development of a robust training system to include:
    a. Assisting a new incoming System Administrator to understand how to
    utilize the system.
    b. Development of a CILS-specific training program to be used for current staff implementation, ongoing annual staff training, and onboarding new staff. This should involve:
    1. Development of brief customized training videos for staff to perform key functions in LegalServer. 
    2. Production of an easy-to-update “Desktop Training Manual” using best practices for written, digital and video content, specific to CILS, and for the purpose of assisting staff in the utilization of Legal Server in two areas: User Manual, and Intake Manual. 
    3. Meetings with the System Administrator and core staff as needed for the duration of the contract. 


Description of Responder
Please provide the following information:  

1. Responder’s full legal name 

2. Responder‘s head office mailing (for billing) and website address.

3. Name, telephone number, email address of the responder’s designated contact person. 

4. Expertise of the responder, including the core focus of services

5. Responder’s key staff members. 

Understanding of Project  
Provide a description of your understanding of the project.  

Proposed Services  
Provide a description of your capabilities and how you will meet the needs of CILS,  including the following components:  

1. Describe your Legal Server implementation and module customization. capabilities, including experience with Pika to LegalServer migration.

2. Describe your capabilities on developing a training curriculum and production of a manual. Please describe your experience developing training programs and provide examples of work products, if available. 

Please ensure your proposal addresses each requirement: 

1. Launch of LegalServer (estimated Go-live date end of July 2023) is efficient and on time. 

2. Staff are fully trained in how to utilize the various functions of LegalServer;

3. Ability to provide training and troubleshooting for staff. 

4. Staff are able to utilize the full functionality of the various modules.

5. A training curriculum, training manual and training videos for key functions are developed, easy to use, and serve as a new staff onboarding tool and reference guide for current staff.

Proposal Assessment Process and Criteria  
All proposals will be evaluated by CILS. Notwithstanding any other provision in the  RFP, CILS reserves the right to accept the proposal that it deems in its sole discretion most advantageous and the right to reject any or all proposals without giving any notice or reasons. The proposal having the lowest cost to CILS will not necessarily be accepted. 

Proposal Evaluation Criteria
CILS may consider any criteria it desires, including, without limitation, those listed  below (not necessarily in order of importance):  

  • Demonstrated understanding of the project objectives and requirements.
  • Professional qualifications, reputation, capability, and experience.
  • Ability to address technical, functional and business requirements.
  • Cost of the project. 
  • Quality of the proposal.

Please send completed proposals and all inquiries/questions regarding this RFP via  email to: 

Leann Ferry
Director of Administration
California Indian Legal Services
117 J Street, Suite 201 
Sacramento, CA 95814

Please provide all submissions as PDF attachments to an e-mail. 

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