Our team

We are a passionate group of people who are creating a world where missions and movements are successful through the skillful and equitable use of technology.

Our staff

NTEN’s staff members come from all types of professional backgrounds and have diverse lived experiences.

Working from our homes across the U.S., we understand firsthand the challenges of navigating work and personal lives during the pandemic. This has reinforced our commitment to emphasizing lived experience over tech expertise in our hiring.

Please note that NTEN operates on a four-day week, with staff working Monday–Thursday only. We'll respond to emails received on Fridays on the next business day.


Our board

NTEN’s board members come from our community — they’ve learned through our courses, earned their certificates, spoken at our conference, and more.

Having personal experience with our mission from many different perspectives makes the work of our board better and our meetings lots more fun. Board members serve three-year terms with a limit of two terms.


Working at NTEN

While technology is central to our lives and our work, NTEN is not a technology company. When identifying potential hires, we prioritize robust experience in the nonprofit sector over tech expertise.

We do not currently have any job openings.

Our commitment to equity and liberation includes group-specific policies for our community, including staff.
To support staff in being their best and whole selves, we:
  • Are an equal opportunity employer.
  • Cover the cost of health, dental, and vision benefits at 100% for an eligible employee and 60% for a spouse, child, or registered domestic partner.
  • Match 3% to a Simple IRA plan.
  • Provide access to an optional flexible spending account for pre-tax funds for medical and dependent care costs.
  • Provide a $50k life insurance policy for the duration of employment.
  • Provide laptop, additional monitor, technology accessories, and stipend for home office set-up.
  • Provide a monthly stipend for internet and mobile access.
We recognize the value in supporting the needs of staff outside of work. We also know investing in employees’ ability to take care of themselves and their families enables them to do their best at their job. In this effort, we provide:
  • Flexible work from home schedules.
  • NTEN operates on a four-day, 32-hour week, with staff working Monday–Thursday only. We are 80% time at 100% pay for 100% of the outcomes.
  • Effective July 1, 128 hours (16 days) of paid time off during the first year of employment and 160 hours (20 days) each year after and 10 paid flexible holidays.
  • Short-term disability service covering 60% of salary.
  • Parental leave for parents of any gender who have newly become parents, including holding the job for at least 12 weeks with six weeks paid. The other six weeks unpaid can be covered through paid time off or covered with short-term disability.
  • Bereavement leave for immediate and extended family, as well as for loss of a pregnancy.
  • Paid time off to vote.
  • Payroll advances as needed.
We recognize the importance of professional development for staff, our organization, and our community. To support this, we provide:
  • Performance evaluations, including after the first 90 days and then every six months.
  • Training to complete the tasks and goals specific to the job.
  • Training to advance relevant professional skills.
  • Budget to cover costs associated with attending conferences, accessing online courses, and purchasing books or other materials.
  • Support, training, and budget to cover the costs of applying to and presenting at conferences and events.
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