2017 Digital Inclusion Fellowship Fact Sheets

Jul 1, 2018
Digital Inclusion • Evaluation

The Digital Inclusion Fellowship recruits and trains emerging leaders in digitally divided communities. In our third cohort, five fellows were embedded with host organizations across three metro areas. Fellows implemented programs to expand digital literacy training for adults.

Fellows developed a diverse array of digital literacy programs to meet the needs of their learners. Instruction was offered in languages including English, Spanish, and Arabic; topics ranged from computer basics to creating online greeting cards and building resumes. Fellows worked primarily with churches, but also partnered with community centers, housing authorities, and public schools. By pairing the expertise of a national network with community, fellows provided relevant and accessible training.

Fellows have been recognized nationally as leaders in digital literacy and digital inclusion work. They were featured in local media, and they led trainings and presentations in regional and national conferences.


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