2016 Digital Inclusion Toolkit

Jul 1, 2016
Digital Inclusion • Evaluation

NTEN believes technology can be a vehicle for social change, but that is only possible when all individuals feel empowered to access and use the internet confidently and comfortably. No organization can achieve this goal alone — we can only accomplish this through sustained work by local organizations, community leaders, and the private sector. That is why we launched the Digital Inclusion Fellowship, a program that places community advocates with partners for a year to develop local capacity and implement innovative and sustainable digital literacy programs.

Illustrations of tools and devices on a white background. The text reads, "Digital Inclusion Toolkit: Resources and Case Studies from the Digital Inclusion Fellowship. August 2016."

During our pilot year, we worked with an incredibly diverse group of partners — from libraries to adult literacy organizations. Each organization had unique needs, a unique project, and unique plans for how to meet their goals. What they all had in common was a steadfast commitment to bridging the digital divide in their communities. For each organization, success took a different shape — from building a local digital inclusion task force to implementing classes where students could complete digital literacy certifications.

We want to take this opportunity to share some of the successes and challenges fellows and city hosts encountered throughout the first year of the fellowship, with the hope of helping to inform organizations seeking to start or expand their own digital inclusion work.


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