2015 Digital Adoption Report

Jul 14, 2015
Cloud • Digital Inclusion

Did you know that more than 60 million Americans do not have Internet access in their homes?

2015 Digital Adoption Report

That statistic is alarming, and is precisely what drove NTEN and Mobile Citizen to launch the first Digital Adoption Report, which provides benchmarks and qualitative data about online technology and digital inclusion efforts among nonprofits and the communities that they serve.

What we learned: Nearly 60% of respondents indicate that constituents need Internet access to participate in their services. Not surprisingly, all respondents identify the Internet as a critical business tool to get the work done!

  1. Access to the Internet where and when we want or need to go online;
  2. Affordable equipment to use; and,
  3. Training or digital literacy skills enabling us and our constituents to use the Internet to support our work and lives.

In this report, respondents note obstacles around access, training, and devices used by their staff and community members. Recognizing where barriers exist is critical for creating the most successful solutions.

We hope that after reading this report, you are ready to learn more about the impact of digital adoption decisions and strategies for your organization and for your community. This research will help provide an initial benchmark that we can all learn from and build on together.


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