Digital literacy and accessibility

Digital literacy programs are designed to help people overcome barriers to participate actively in a digital society. But what about participants with physical or cognitive disabilities?

To address the needs of all digital literacy participants, you need to ensure that your organization's programs and spaces include people of all abilities. This is possible when you know the fundamentals of accessible communication, assistive technologies (both hardware and software), and adaptive spaces. As a bonus, focusing on accessibility improves usability for all participants.

In this course, you'll study three key elements of digital literacy and accessibility. First up, you'll dive into the fundamentals of accessibility within the context of digital literacy programs. Next, you'll learn how to identify and implement new strategies for including people with disabilities. Finally, you'll examine important considerations for evaluating and modifying the physical space for program delivery.

You'll leave this course with the skills you need to make accessibility and inclusion a central part of your new or existing digital literacy programs.

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