Communications fundamentals

Are you a new communicator who wants to ensure you build your nonprofit's communications on strong content foundations?

Or are you an experienced communicator who has been so busy with tactic delivery that you're no longer sure you have the fundamentals in place?

This course is for you.

To deliver strategically sound communications with cohesive, compelling messages, you need to have strong foundations. Your brand, website, and storytelling are fundamental because they provide a roadmap for messaging and content development, a digital home base for your organization, and an opportunity to deliver your nonprofit's narrative over time.

In this course, we'll start by revisiting the role of your strategic plan and priority audiences in guiding marketing communications decisions. Then, we'll take a broad scan of your content foundations: your brand messaging, website content, and storytelling approach. Finally, we'll consider how you can leverage these elements to use resources efficiently and feel more confident and effective as a communicator.

Throughout the live class, we'll take time for you to reflect upon the state of your organization's communications fundamentals, identify gaps, and consider actions you can take — big and small — to build or strengthen your content foundations.

Nonprofit communications professionals of all levels, as well as executive directors or other leaders responsible for marketing communications, will benefit from this course.

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