2023 Website Security for Nonprofits

2023 Website Security for Nonprofits. An NTEN guide by Jason Shim.

A website is an essential part of a nonprofit’s online presence. It’s where people can learn more about your mission and how to engage, including accessing services, volunteering, donating, and contacting your organization. However, it can be one of the most vulnerable systems for an organization if it is not secured correctly, creating vulnerabilities and harming those engaging with you, your staff, and the organization.

This guide provides an overview of common cybersecurity risks associated with nonprofit websites and how to mitigate these risks effectively. The guide also outlines the key activities you can undertake to protect your organization’s website and ensure that you have the language to communicate knowledgeably with staff, volunteers, consultants, and vendors regarding the security needs of your website.

A checklist and practical steps to take regarding preparation and response to a security breach are included. Finally, there is guidance to help ensure that your organization’s website is better protected against cyber threats.

Thank you to our partner Public Interest Registry, for sponsoring this guide.

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