2022 Managing Nonprofit Tech Change Report

Cover of Managing Nonprofit Tech Change report

As the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic, 2021 was complicated for nonprofit organizations of all sizes and missions. Many organizations that had made rapid technology changes in 2020 to continue program and service delivery found that some of those changes were sustainable and others simply were not. While there were many different opinions about and efforts toward returning to in-person work in offices, the realities of our ever-changing technical needs were evident regardless of whether an organization ever had an office again.

NTEN and Salesforce partnered on a survey to better understand some of the realities, challenges, and areas of strength for change management in nonprofits. For the purposes of the survey and this report, "change management" includes the processes, policies, and culture in an organization as they relate to decision-making, budgeting, and planning, especially for technology-related projects.

This report includes survey findings including:

  • Decision-making strategies, policies, and tools for an organization’s use of technology.
  • Strategies for organizations to assess and understand their technology needs. 
  • Factors that influence the ways organizations deal with change, like budgets, staff time and skills, and feedback from constituents.

We suggest using this report in tandem with the Equity Guide for Nonprofit Technology to ensure that as you make changes and improvements to your policies and processes as a team, you do so with equity at the center of that work.

Thank you to our partner Salesforce.org, for sponsoring this report.

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