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MARCH 23-25, 2022

Submit a Session Proposal

Do you have an exciting idea for a session proposal? Tell us about it! Proposals are open through October 4.  Learn how the agenda is created and important dates to keep in mind. Need help brainstorming ideas? Check out a list of dozens of suggested topics for inspiration.

22NTC Is Virtual

What are we planning for 22NTC? Here's a hint. It will be a little different than 21NTC and even better. NTEN CEO Amy Sample Ward is here to tell you all about it.


If you haven't been to the NTC yet, forget what you think a conference is or what other conferences are like. This is a conference the NTEN way. This means every aspect of every day is planned with our community, focusing on accessibility, equity, and inclusivity. Whatever your job, role, or life experience is, you are welcome — in fact, you are encouraged! — to bring your whole self to the NTC. From racial affinity spaces to meditation sessions and even virtual art galleries and live music, being in community is central to NTEN's values. Be yourself, be engaged, and you'll be smarter and happier for attending the NTC. Learn more about the conference.

Session Proposals

The NTC features nearly 150 educational sessions from practitioners from across the nonprofit sector. That includes you! And with our emphasis on continuous learning, an expert speaker in one session is likely to be learning alongside you in another. Anyone can submit a session idea, whether you've attended the conference multiple times or are considering attending for the first time. In fact, NTEN provides extensive support for first-time speakers. Learn how you can submit a session proposal starting August 31.

Registration & Scholarships

Registration opens in December, and pricing begins at just $400, which increases as the conference approaches. December registration is limited to NTEN members only, but anyone can join as a member to receive the conference discount along with many other wonderful benefits. To provide equitable access to 22NTC, NTEN provides scholarships, and applications will be available when registration opens in December.


22NTC  is a terrific opportunity to connect with technology decision-makers and thought leaders from around the nonprofit sector. Plus, we're a whole lot more fun than any other event! Learn how your company can sponsor 22NTC.

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