Product management strategies for nonprofits

Have you ever been tasked with setting up a project management system or creating a new website? Then you’re a product manager! This class will walk through the basics of product management, understanding your stakeholders, and where to go for help.

Together we’ll review the foundational principles and responsibilities of good product management. These can include data management, acquiring software licenses, and a bit of software development.

Managing a product for internal staff differs from providing a product for an external audience. Internally facing products are often operational customer relationship management tools like Salesforce or project management tools like Asana. Externally facing tools often focus on communication, such as Mailchimp. From a non-PM perspective, these might all seem like “technology,” but the audiences and features vary greatly. You’ll learn how to identify your stakeholders and manage expectations.

Finally, we’ll discuss looking outside your organization for help using common help resources such as community boards and working groups.

This is one of two new courses focusing on product management. Thanks to a funder, scholarships are available for both courses. Learn about Product management for nonprofit decision-makers and apply for scholarships for both courses.

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Cost per course

Members $125/Non-members $250

Qualifying credits

NTEN professional certificate

Certified Fund Raising Executive

Certified Association Executive

Course overview


Identify key principles and how they relate to your organization.

Managing stakeholders

Understand what defines user groups and how to work with different types.


Discover helpful resources for growing your product management skills.

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Managing a product well can make life easier for your organization and stakeholders. It can also be overwhelming. Learn the basics of non-profit product management here.

- Instructor Maria Filippelli

Meet the presenter

Maria Filippelli

Maria Filippelli

Southern Economic Advancement Project

Maria Filippelli is currently the Data Director for the Southern Economic Advancement Project (SEAP). Working with SEAP partners, Maria breaks down barriers to accessing and analyzing data needed to broaden economic power and build a more equitable future throughout the South. 

Maria has a background in data science, urban planning, and public interest technology. Previously, she was a Public Interest Technology Census Fellow with New America, a Data Science Manager with DataKind, and a Planner for the San Diego Association of Governments. Each of these roles granted Maria an opportunity to explore a number of different data and tech products, including managing a website and developing a Salesforce instance, as well as creating dashboards and program-specific products. 

Maria is a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners and American Planning Association, on the Board of Directors for TechShift, and a NASA Space Apps Navigator.

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