Craft a one-page strategic plan

In today’s fast-paced nonprofit landscape, simplicity and clarity are paramount. The ability to condense your organization’s strategic priorities into a concise one-page strategic plan is a valuable skill.

During the course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand your organization’s value proposition. Gain insights into the core value your nonprofit brings to its stakeholders, including beneficiaries, donors, and partners, and how it differentiates itself.
  • Identify your target audience. Learn techniques to define and analyze your nonprofit’s highest priority audience, including beneficiaries, donors, and supporters, to better tailor your strategic plan to their specific needs and expectations.
  • Assess inputs and outputs. Explore the resources and activities (inputs) your nonprofit requires to achieve its mission, as well as the tangible outcomes (outputs) it generates through its programs and initiatives.
  • Budget for impact. Develop strategies for resource and funding allocation that align with the strategic priorities, ensuring efficient use of financial resources to achieve your nonprofit’s mission and goals.

This streamlined approach to strategic planning will enable you to communicate your organization’s direction effectively, align your team around common objectives, and make informed budgetary decisions to drive positive change in your nonprofit.

Whether you’re a staffer, board member, or other nonprofit professional, this course will empower you to create a strategic plan that maximizes your nonprofit’s impact and sustainability.

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Cost per course

Members $125/Non-members $250

Qualifying credits

NTEN professional certificate

Certified Fund Raising Executive

Certified Association Executive

Course overview


Summarize your organization’s strategic work and initiatives in one page.


Learn how innovative nonprofits are planning their workflows and resources and managing their work.


Connect with colleagues to optimize your nonprofit strategy.

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This course is going to change the way you think about your organization’s work, programs, and impact. You’ll be able to see everything that you do in one page, empowering you with transparency and agility!

- Instructor Fadi Al Qassar

Meet the presenter

Fadi Al Qassar

Fadi Al Qassar

Pronouns: He/Him

Executive Director

Venture 2 Impact

Fadi has come a long way from his Native Jordan. And he’s made a lot of stops along the way. He leads Venture 2 Impact, which is a non-profit organization focused on connecting skilled tech and business professionals with marginalized communities that need their skills.Fadi spends his days talking to employees and engaged partners from, Netflix, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Telus, IBM, Docusign, Stanford University and many other companies to onboard them on skills based volunteer programs.Fadi believes that solving the world's most complex social, economic and environmental problems requires the brightest minds and our fullest commitments.Through the work at Venture 2 Impact, valuable partnerships with tech enterprise companies, and marginalized communities his team has: helped orphans in Romania get workforce development skills allowing them to attain better paying jobs, helped young single mother in Rwanda learn English and business skills reducing child abandonment rates, and improved health care for disabled children in India. 

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