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Feb 1, 2024

We are seeking an IT Consultant on behalf of our client, a healthcare-focused nonprofit based in Colorado. The role involves migrating a local SQL database to Azure SQL and ensuring system compatibility with existing processes. Applicants should be skilled in Azure SQL, Microsoft Access, and cloud database migrations. Responsibilities include cost analysis, terminal server evaluation, phased migration planning, execution, and documentation of maintenance procedures. To apply, please email responses in PDF format to lexi@aidlyit.com. The deadline is March 1, 2024. Full details are below.


A healthcare-focused nonprofit based in Colorado is inviting proposals from experienced IT consultants for the migration of its current case management system from a local SQL database to an Azure SQL database. This project involves an evaluation of its existing system, implementation of necessary upgrades, and provision of detailed documentation for ongoing maintenance.

Background and Overview

The nonprofit currently uses a local SQL database with Microsoft Access as the front end to manage volunteers and client data. The SQL database is hosted on a server located at its headquarters in Denver, CO.

Thirty employees and several non-employees from across the country use this SQL database daily. These users access the database via remote connection to a terminal server. The goal is to transition to a cloud-based solution to improve data management, sustainability, accessibility, and security.

Scope of Work

Cost Estimation

Provide an estimate of the costs for implementing and maintaining an Azure SQL database tailored for a nonprofit organization.

Compatibility Evaluation

Evaluate the compatibility of existing Microsoft Access components with Azure SQL.

Terminal Server Assessment and Replacement

Assess the need for replacing the current terminal server with Azure Virtual Machine (VM). If needed, set up an Azure VM to replace the terminal server.

File Attachment Management

Propose solutions for managing file attachments currently stored on the local server.

Phased Database Migration

Plan and execute database migration to Azure SQL in phases to minimize disruption to users.

Access Connection Deployment

Deploy updated Access connections to all users.

Database Schema Updates

Perform basic updates to the database schema based on a list of requirements. This may include creating 1-2 additional tables and adding or modifying existing fields.


Document key aspects of database maintenance, including database diagram, Access connection instructions, field modification guidelines, and peculiarities with the setup.

Potential for Ongoing Engagement

The nonprofit is seeking a qualified vendor for the immediate requirements of this project and is interested in exploring the possibility of extending the relationship into ongoing database maintenance and/or general IT support. While the current RFP focuses on the specific tasks of migrating and upgrading its database system, they recognize the value of long-term, consistent IT support to ensure the continued efficiency and security of their technology infrastructure.

Proposal Requirements

Proposals should include:

  • A brief description of the overall approach to the project, including ideas on potential alternative approaches. The nonprofit is open to recommended modifications to the scope of work.
  • A breakdown of consultant fees associated with the project.
  • Estimated timeline and milestones for project completion with an anticipated start date of 4/1.
  • Qualifications and experience of the consulting team, particularly with Azure SQL and Access.
  • Three references or case studies from similar projects.
  • (Optional): A brief outline of capabilities and approach to providing ongoing services. This may encompass experience in ongoing IT support, approach to maintaining database systems, and availability for troubleshooting and support.


Submission Guidelines

  • Proposal Deadline: 3/1/2024
  • Submission Format: Proposals should be submitted electronically in PDF format.
  • Proposal Length: Proposals should not exceed 10 pages excluding appendices and supporting documents.
  • Submission Email: Send proposals to lexi@aidlyit.com.
  • Questions: Direct any inquiries to Lexi at lexi@aidlyit.com.

Proposal Review Timeline

  • 3/1: Submission deadline
  • 3/4 – 3/8: Initial internal review and finalist selection
  • 3/11 – 3/15: Follow-up interviews/communications with finalists
  • 3/18 – 3/22: Final internal review and consultant selection
  • 3/25 – 3/29: Contact negotiation and finalization
  • 4/1: Project start date

Evaluation Criteria

Proposals will be evaluated based on:

  • Technical Expertise: Demonstrated expertise in Azure SQL, Microsoft Access, and cloud migration.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Reasonableness of the proposed costs.
  • Innovative Approach: Creativity and innovation in the proposed methodology and alternatives.
  • References: Strength of past performance and client satisfaction in similar projects.
  • Ongoing Support Services: Ability to provide ongoing database maintenance and/or general IT support.
  • Experience with Nonprofits: Understanding of the specific needs and constraints of nonprofit organizations.

Terms and Conditions

  • Confidentiality: All proposals and communications are confidential.
  • Rights Reserved: The nonprofit reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal, request additional information, and negotiate with selected bidders.
  • No Commitment: Issuance of this RFP does not commit the nonprofit to award a contract or pay any costs incurred in preparing a proposal.
  • Project Management: The project will be overseen and managed by an additional IT consultant currently working with the nonprofit to enhance their overall IT ecosystem.
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