Scholarships and volunteering

There are two ways we help more people take part in the NTC. Scholarships and volunteer spots are limited, so apply as soon as possible.

You may apply for a scholarship or volunteering — or both. We offer scholarships for either the in-Portland or virtual NTC experience. Volunteering is in Portland only.

To apply for both an in-Portland scholarship and volunteering, just fill out one application. Then, if you’re not awarded a scholarship, you’ll automatically be considered for a volunteering position. Keep in mind that volunteers must commit to eight hours of service.

Cost shouldn’t keep you from learning nonprofit technology best practices. Thanks to generous donations from NTEN’s community and NTC sponsors, scholarships help more people attend the conference.

If you’re not selected for a scholarship, we’ll email you about how to register for the NTC at the rate that was in effect on the day you applied.

If you're interested in the in-Portland NTC experience, you can also apply to volunteer in the same application, but make sure you understand the requirements before applying to volunteer.

NTC scholarships

Apply for a NTC scholarship for either in-Portland or virtual registration. These scholarships cover registration only, not other expenses.

Joe Baker Fund scholarships

These honor the legacy of NTEN’s one-time leader, whose unexpected death in 2023 is a significant loss to the nonprofit community.

Joe Baker Fund scholarships are for in-Portland registration, flights, and hotel, which must be booked through NTEN and are not reimbursed.

To qualify for a Joe Baker Fund scholarship, you must:

  • Work in human rights, either as your organization’s mission or as a campaign focus.
  • Work in a digital advocacy role, which can be loosely defined and does not need to be reflected in your job title.

Volunteering is a great way to connect with other attendees and help make the NTC a success. In thanks for service, volunteers receive a deeply discounted registration rate of $100.

Volunteering is a commitment. If selected, here’s what you need to know and do:

  • Volunteers are needed for the in-Portland part of the conference only.
  • You’re responsible for your travel costs to and from Portland.
  • You must volunteer for eight hours during the NTC. Most shifts are one to four hours long.
  • You’ll tell us your preferred shifts and roles, though we may need to assign you to different ones.
  • Shifts will conflict with sessions, meals, and other activities. Shifts are first-come, first-served.
  • Roles include helping people find their way, badge pickup, and more.

Not all who apply are selected to volunteer. If you’re not selected, we’ll email you about how to register for the NTC at the rate that was in effect on the day you applied.

You can also apply for a scholarship in the same application.

Apply for a scholarship or to volunteer

Applications are reviewed in four rounds:

  • First roundVolunteering and in-Portland or virtual scholarships: Applications due December 5. Notifications sent December 11.
  • Second roundVolunteering and in-Portland or virtual scholarships: Applications due January 2. Notifications sent January 8.
  • Third roundLast chance to apply for volunteering and in-Portland scholarships: Applications due January 25. Notifications sent February 5.
  • Fourth roundVirtual scholarships only: Applications due February 23. Notifications sent February 28.
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