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Transforming an 85y.o. Institution into a Digital Powerhouse

The March of Dimes is an 85-year-old organization with broad name recognition and a proven track record, but limited public understanding of the organization’s current work on maternal and infant health equity. When new leadership came in in 2017, they prioritized digital, looking to tech companies like Amazon and Uber for inspiration. But how do you translate commercial trends to the impact space, and how do you actually get it done in a complex organization with entrenched ways of doing business? In this session, we’ll talk about:

  • Effective stakeholder engagement
  • How to think omnichannel in a siloed organization
  • The importance of an audience-centric approach
  • Data, data, data
  • Building a solid foundation when leaders are eager for results.

First learning outcome

The importance of the discovery phase and defining goals before diving into a website redesign

Second learning outcome

Digital Ecosystem mapping to ensure you have the right digital platforms & tools to meet your needs

Third learning outcome

Audience mapping and content strategy reframing to meet audiences with the right messages

Session format

60-minute session

Session location(s)

In Denver

Who should attend?

Decision-makers, digital leaders and managers, digital practitioners, communications leaders

Session features

Small group discussions

One-on-one conversations

Panel presentations

Report or case study presentation

Engagement activities (polls, whiteboard, post its, etc.)

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