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Rethinking Your Digital Ecosystem from the Ground Up

While undergoing a recent online storytelling strategy refresh so that digital content more closely aligned with an in-person experience, the Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation realized it needed to rethink its entire digital ecosystem from the ground up to better attract, engage and grow their target audiences, including donors and supporters.

In this session, we’ll discuss how they went about doing that. Specifically, we’ll explore how their audience research played a key role in their digital ecosystem planning and how they conducted a comprehensive landscape analysis.

By the end of this session, you’ll have a good sense of a 3-step approach to better understanding how to map and review your organization’s digital ecosystem.

First learning outcome

How speaking with current and potential audiences informed what digital tools and platforms mattered

Second learning outcome

What undergoing a full tech, comms, and analytics audit to understand the state of play looks like

Third learning outcome

How to use audience research and a tech audit to determine which goals and priorities are needed

Session format

60-minute session

Session location(s)

In Denver

Who should attend?

Decision-makers, digital leaders and managers, digital practitioners, communications leaders

Session features

Small group discussions

One-on-one conversations

Panel presentations

Report or case study presentation

Engagement activities (polls, whiteboard, post its, etc.)

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