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Paid Social and Search: Worth the Investment for Nonprofits?

Over the last few years across the board, communications and marketing teams are having to increase their investment in digital advertising—from Google Ads to social media. For the nonprofit sector, while there is a lot that can be done within SEO and organic social media, “pay-to-play” is becoming a more valuable avenue to get audiences to engage, volunteer, and donate. 

In this session, we’ll be discussing the current state of SEO and organic social media and sharing real-world examples of how nonprofits are already investing more deeply in their advertising budget and seeing valuable ROI. You’ll walk away with practical questions to address within your own nonprofit’s marketing strategy and next steps to move your strategy forward.

First learning outcome

What an advertising budget looks like based on the size of your organization and audience.

Second learning outcome

Benchmarks from other nonprofits you can use to evaluate your own communication.

Third learning outcome

What next steps are necessary to move your digital advertising strategy forward.

Session format

30-minute session

Session location(s)

In Denver

Who should attend?

Decision-makers, digital leaders and managers, digital practitioners, communications leaders

Session features

Small group discussions

One-on-one conversations

Panel presentations

Report or case study presentation

Engagement activities (polls, whiteboard, post its, etc.)

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