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Increasing Your Nonprofit’s Impact with Service Design

Now more than ever, people rely on technology. It can get complicated quickly since there are so many touchpoints for people to get information—from engaging with your website to following you on social media, contacting you by phone, meeting you in person, receiving your printed materials in the mail, etc. With so many avenues, how can you ensure that your audience touchpoints are consistent, connected, and helpful? Enter the service blueprint! 

By the end of this session, you’ll be able to create your own service blueprint and understand how service design can help you improve your audience’s experience with your organization, and in turn amplify your impact.

First learning outcome

Learn what a service blueprint is and specifically how it’s valuable for nonprofits

Second learning outcome

How to create and customize a service blueprint within the context of your own organization.

Third learning outcome

How to identify gaps and opportunities in your organization’s service and information delivery.

Session format

30-minute session

Session location(s)

In Denver

Who should attend?

Decision-makers, digital leaders and managers, digital practitioners, communications leaders

Session features

Small group discussions

One-on-one conversations

Panel presentations

Report or case study presentation

Engagement activities (polls, whiteboard, post its, etc.)

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