Our week-long online courses are focused, deep dives on specific topics facilitated by an advanced practitioner in the field. You will gain real-world knowledge as well as receiving valuable feedback and advice.
Your work matters. These courses will help you succeed in your role. And just maybe help change the world while you’re at it.

How does it work?

  1. Read a couple of short articles, then answer knowledge check questions before the live online event.
  2. On Wednesday, point your browser to the 90-minute interactive online event. Listen to the lecture, ask questions, and discuss content with your colleagues and fellow participants. (And don’t sweat it—the recording will be available if you can’t make it live.)
  3. Do your homework by Sunday—it will help you process what you learned.
  4. Our incredible faculty will give you feedback on your homework.
  5. Want more? Keep the conversation going in our community forums.

Each course costs $125 for NTEN members and $250 for non-members.

These courses can count towards your required curriculum for the Nonprofit Technology Professional Certificate, and many will also qualify for CFRE credits.

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Upcoming Courses
As courses become available for registration they will be be listed below.
Sep 13
September 13, 2017

Course: Advanced Digital Engagement in Fundraising

Cost: $125 for Members/$250 for Nonmembers
Location: Virtual

Digital engagement specifically focused on fundraising is a rapidly changing landscape. In this advanced course, learn how to build a strong foundational strategy and focus on how to connect, communicate, and cultivate donor relationships through digital marketing to achieve greater success.

Oct 11
October 11, 2017

Course: Advanced Data Management

Cost: $125 NTEN member/$250 nonmember
Location: Virtual

Learn how to evaluate your data collection from design to analyze, identify and assess your KPIs, and develop a dashboard and data collection plan in this advanced course.

Oct 18
October 18, 2017

Course: Intro to Data Visualization

Cost: $125 NTEN member/$250 nonmember
Location: Virtual

Have you ever received a pile of raw survey data, only to scratch your head at how to turn it into the 5-minute visual presentation your board demands? This software-agnostic course will help you focus on what actually matters in a set of data—and then turn interesting features of that data into clear, compelling visualizations that require little explanation.

Oct 25
October 25, 2017

Course: Building a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion

Cost: $125 NTEN member/$250 nonmember
Location: Virtual

Get the tools and skills you need to identify and analyze implicit assumptions made in your own work. You’ll be able to evaluate your organization’s status on diversity and inclusion, and learn how to create a customized action plan moving forward, including driving decision-making through data analysis, addressing bias, creating a safe workplace, diversifying outreach and hiring practices, and developing a code of conduct.

Nov 1
November 1, 2017

Course: Intro to Content Strategy

Cost: $125 NTEN member/$250 nonmember
Location: Virtual

In this course, we’ll explore all parts of content strategy, including where you can optimize and expand your current content strategy (even if it’s from scratch), how to use different types of content to meet organizational goals, tracking and analytics, new tools and channels you can leverage, and how to extend the life your content to reach a variety of online audiences.

Nov 8
November 8, 2017

Course: Intro to Branding Fundamentals

Cost: $125 NTEN member/$250 nonmember
Location: Virtual

Your brand is your identity and your story. Many people view brand as just the external, visual appearance, but it is much more than that. This session will detail the importance of brand, how to apply the “why” of your organization to your brand and making the best visual and strategic decisions for your brand.



“It’s very gratifying to feel like I’m ‘studying’ and working towards advancing in a field I’m interested in. It’s easy to feel like you are floating in the abyss when you are interested in nonprofit tech.”

– Aparna Kothary, Global Citizen Year (May 2016)

Upcoming Topics


Social Fundraising: P2P, Crowdfunding, etc

Digital Storytelling in Fundraising

Intro to Digital Engagement in Fundraising

Advanced Digital Engagement in Fundraising

Intro to Fundraising Email Strategies


Advanced Data Management

Intro to IT Security

Audits, Assessments & Budgeting

Project Management Fundamentals


Intro to Data Visualization

Becoming a “Digital First” Organization

Building a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion

Digital Literacy for Executive Leadership

Marketing and Communications

Intro to Google Analytics

Advanced Google Analytics

Intro to Content Strategy

Anatomy of a Web Site Redesign

Intro to Branding Fundamentals

Advanced Social Media Practice


Volunteer Management

Developing Evaluation Programs

Intro to Community Engagement

Advanced Community Engagement