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It’s time to prioritize the needs of the sector

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Apr 7, 2022
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NTEN Advocacy

Nonprofit organizations and the communities they work in and with are often not included in policymaking, budgeting, or decision-making by the government. Yet, organizations providing critical services, delivering valued programs, and connecting people to resources are incredibly important to so many communities. And, the people who work in these organizations should be resourced and supported for success.

NTEN believes that when we work together we have everything we need to change the world. Working together requires that we create mechanisms for accountability and visibility so that everyone has a chance to contribute — that we make the table big enough for everyone, not only that some folks have a seat. This is why NTEN has endorsed the Nonprofit Sector Strength and Partnership Act of 2022.

"Over the past two years, nonprofits have served on the front lines as America faces generational health, economic, and social crises. Nonprofits have adapted to disrupted operations and lost revenue while facing increased need in the community. While these challenges may be a poignant reminder of our sector’s importance, nonprofits have been delivering concrete outcomes for Americans for centuries.
Whether they offer housing, nutrition, health, education, disaster relief, artistic inspiration, spiritual well-being, conservation or any number of other essential services, nonprofits are woven into and reflect the communities they serve. They work every day to improve lives and build a brighter future. Although they exist to advance a charitable mission, nonprofits have tremendous economic impact as the nation’s third-largest employer and generate nearly 6% of GDP.

The Nonprofit Sector Strength and Partnership Act creates mechanisms that leverage the mission, knowledge, and impact of nonprofits to help government and the sector work together more effectively in pursuit of shared goals."

Learn more about the Nonprofit Sector Strength and Partnership Act and how you can support it with Independent Sector.




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