[Your Guest Article Here for MAM Connect]

It’s that time of year again! Wahoo! November is Member Appreciation Month (MAM) over here at NTEN. To celebrate, Members take over Connect! That means the guest articles featured in NTEN Connect monthly and online come from our Members.

The topic of the month is “Member Best Practices.” What are your best practices? What have you learned the hard way, and what advice would you give to others in the NTEN Community?

Are you a Member? If so, we crave your content. We need your content. Your content completes us. Send us your original or popular prose about nonprofit technology. NTEN operators are standing by!

How it works:

We’ll post your submissions on the online space for NTEN Connect throughout next month. The best-reviewed articles — as determined by page views, time on page, social media mentions, and number of comments — will be published in our monthly Connect e-publication.

How you participate:

  • You must be an NTEN Member (Don’t think we won’t check!!)
  • Send your nonprofit technology-related article (800-1200 words) to stephanie@nten.org by November 5. Please include “MAM Connect” in the subject header, so Steph knows to pay special heed
  • Once your post is up, convince your friends and family to read it

Plus: If you have a nifty link you think would fit in the “Things We Like” section, post that in comments, below. We’ll try our darndest to include as many of them as we can in one epic linkfest.

Thanks, Team! We look forward to reading your work.


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