Worth 1,000 Words: Visualizing Your Data


By visualizing their data, nonprofits are driving donations, increasing engagement with their issues, and creating better-informed communities.

We’ve all seen good examples of visualization – and some that are not as effective as we might like. So, how do you go from a spreadsheet full of numbers to visuals that show that data in effective ways?

This three-part series will walk you through understanding the strategy about what data to visualize, how to visualize it, and putting those visualizations to good use internally and externally.

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Webinars in this series will include:

June 7 – Strategy: What Data to Visualize?

Your organization has lots of data, but what makes sense to visualize? What data is going to have the most impact? What are your goals – are you trying to increase awareness, motivate donations or other actions? We’ll explore the many different types of data that your organization likely consumes and produces – from financial data to program data to issue research data. We’ll learn how different types of data are, can, and should be used to support your organizational goals. This session will give you the solid grounding to help you think strategically about visualizing your data.

June 14 – Process and Tools: How to Visualize Your Data

How do you move from a spreadsheet full of numbers to a gorgeous visual representation of your data? Once you know what your strategy is, how do you then follow an effective process and use the right tools? Getting to a visualization is often a multistep process of cleaning, preparing and adding context to data. We’ll cover examples of processes that nonprofits have followed in getting from A to B, as well as look at some of the tools that can help.

June 22 – Putting Your Visualizations to Work

Now that you have your data visualized, how can you put it to its best use? What are some the creative and effective ways organizations use visualizations, both internally and externally? We’ll touch on effective ways to use visualized data for fundraising, storytelling, awareness building and more. What are effective ways of sharing the fruits of your labor with your community and/or sector? Join us to hear about the variety of options for putting your data to work and some of the results organizations have realized in using data visualization.

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