Workbook: Data-Driven Decision Making

In 2013, NTEN partnered with Idealware to create Getting Started With Data-Driven Decision Making: A Workbook. The workbook has since been downloaded and used by diverse organizations in the U.S. and beyond. We frequently use the workbook and processes it outlines in NTEN Labs, one-day, hands-on workshops. We even use the workbook internally here at NTEN.

After a year of using the workbook, we’ve identified issues that frequently emerge as organizations work to build data management and evaluation programs. In these new worksheets, you’ll identify technologies that can help you collect and understand your organization’s outcomes data, as well as strategies for encouraging the highest-quality data you can collect. You’ll also explore how your metrics can combine to tell a story about your organization’s programs that can be presented to your stakeholders or core constituents. Finally, you’ll learn how to tailor that story to better address different stakeholder groups.

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