What does “digital strategy” look like in your organization?

2014 What does digital strategy look like in your organization?

What does “digital strategy” look like in your organization?

For many nonprofits, digital strategy teams can incorporate staff from a range of departments. What are these teams investing in for 2015? How are these efforts funded? How many people are on the team, and who’s in charge of it?

We’ve teamed up with hjc and Care2 to gather feedback from community members like you to create the 2015 Digital Strategy Outlook Survey. Your answers will help provide an outlook on digital strategy in 2015.

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The survey will take between 10-15 minutes. Responses will be reported anonymously in aggregate in a final report, and you will be notified when it is published in late January. These findings will provide nonprofit staff members with an understanding of strategies, priorities, and tactics that their peers are prioritizing, in order to help shape their plans for the following year.

The deadline for responses is December 31.

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