The 2017 Digital Inclusion Fellows Samuel Storey, Aneta Lee, Lorena Cuffy, Jessica Jones and Necole Durham with cohort 2 fellow Sara Rasmussen at their January orientation.

Welcome, new Digital Inclusion Fellows

NTEN is excited to reveal the third cohort in the Digital Inclusion Fellowship. These community-builders will create and lead digital literacy programs in their neighborhoods.

The Fellows are in Portland for a week, learning about digital inclusion, project management and how to work with diverse communities. They will return to their communities next week to start their programs.

We are thrilled to welcome this diverse group of community leaders and we look forward to supporting them in their endeavors.


Aneta Lee
Aneta Lee, hosted by Impact United Methodist Church in Atlanta, GA
Aneta Thomas Lee is an altruistic forward-thinker with a passion for underserved neighborhoods. She has worked in Nonprofit Management – as a volunteer or in active employment – for more than 20 years. Her approach is to support others to empower themselves. Aneta served as a Digital Inclusion Fellow in the 2015-2016 Cohort, and continues this year as an agent of change in her community.

Samuel Storey
Samuel Storey, hosted by Austin Pathways in Austin, TX
Sam Storey is passionate about developing policy solutions to urban poverty, homelessness, and affordable housing shortages. Born and raised in Baltimore, MD, Sam now lives in Austin, TX, where he is finishing his Masters of Public Affairs degree at the UT LBJ School of Public Affairs. He has extensive academic and work experience executing economic policy analyses and conducting survey research.

Necole Durham
Necole Durham, hosted by Impact United Methodist Church in Atlanta, GA
Necole Durham worked with refugees and immigrants for 12 years teaching ESL, citizenship preparation, cultural orientation, and communication skills for married couples. She has also helped Burmese refugees create microenterprises. She has a Bachelors degree in Journalism from Ohio State University and a Masters in Marketing from Franklin University, and began her first bilingual computer training position this year. She is passionate about working in the community, especially in adult education.

Lorena Cuffy
Lorena Cuffy, hosted by University AME Zion Church in Palo Alto, CA
Lorena Cuffy has worked for 10 years in a range of nonprofits as an educator, motivator, and fundraiser. Her educational background is in accounting, international relations, and computer information systems and she has a passion for connecting with people.


Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones, hosted by Allen Temple Baptist Church in Oakland, CA
Jessica Jones is a Digital Media Production graduate from UC Santa Cruz. She has five years’ experience in theater, graphic design and content development. She aims to use her passion for digital storytelling and creative collaboration to aid her community in bridging the digital divide.


Leana Mayzlina
Leana is passionate about embracing technology to achieve transformative social change. She believes that solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges can be found in grassroots communities from Chile to Kenya, and that technology is the megaphone for their voice and agency. Leana's background is in international development and cooperation, primarily how communities can use technology to make change, both locally and globally. A native of Ukraine, she speaks Russian, English, Spanish, and um pouquinho de português and holds a BA in Spanish and Latin American Studies from Pitzer College, as well as an MA in International Studies from the University of Chile. Outside of office hours, you’re most likely to find Leana hiking with Atlas, her one year old rescue mutt.