We Appreciate You, Community Managers!

Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day, y’all!

For those of you wondering what all those #CMAD posts you’ve seen around the Internet today are about: Community Manager Appreciation Day is a day specifically for celebrating community managers and community organizers for all the fabulous work they do for their communities.

Today, I’m channeling my CMAD gratitude towards NTEN’s
501 Tech Club (Tech Club) and Community of Practice (CoP) organizers. While I understand there’s some nuance between “Community Manager” and “Community Organizer,” I think our organizers deserve recognition for the huge scope of their work. 

These energetic and community-minded volunteers give anywhere from 2-10 or more hours per month to plan and implement online and in-person events; listen, share, and respond to the community via forums and social media; work with co-organizers, volunteers, presenters, and community members; and a whole heck of a lot more. They do all this to help nonprofit professionals use technology to fulfill their missions.

Well, of course I admire our organizers, as I get the privilege of working with them everyday—but don’t take my word for it! These comments from recent NTEN Community Survey data are just a few of what we regularly receive about these programs. (Perhaps download the full 2015 NTEN Community Survey Report.)

NTEN’s “Communities of Practice are great for getting quick answers to specific issues.” Another respondent noted that the CoP forums “are active and [I] have received timely, good advice from peers regarding tech questions.”

“Each month I gain so much from [my local] 501 Tech Club. The connections to my peers, the conversations, and the content. Such a blessing to me and our organization!”

The work Tech Club and CoP organizers do has real impact for the participants and their organizations. None of this would be possible without our fabulous community organizers putting in the time—whether online or in-person—to help NTEN Community members connect, learn, and change.

I’m so excited to meet up with many of our Tech Club and CoP organizers this March at the second annual NTC Organizer Day! Last year, over 25 organizers of NTEN’s Tech Clubs and CoPs (as well as some organizers from TechSoup’s NetSquared program) got up early on Saturday–after an exhausting week of NTC events–to talk community and event organizing best practices. I can’t wait to do it all again this year.

Bethany Lister
Community Engagement Manager