Volunteer with NTEN as a group organizer

Community programs are an important part of our mission at NTEN, and we are looking for new community members who want to get involved!

The Tech Clubs connect community members locally to exchange knowledge, resources and learn from each other’s experiences. In addition, the online groups connect community members virtually around topics of interest and identity. 

NTEN has always been a community. We prioritize ways to support people finding a peer who does similar work, has tried that same project before, or offers helpful advice. Through making connections with others, exchanging resources, and sharing experiences in these spaces, nonprofit professionals at all stages of their careers and across sectors find a place in the NTEN community. 

A group of dedicated volunteer organizers lead the Tech Clubs and online groups. The organizers are supported by NTEN’s community management team, collaborate with one or more volunteer co-organizers, and get opportunities to connect with the network of organizers. 

Want to start an online group or Tech Club?

We already have many active online groups and Tech Clubs that you can join. And, we are always open to starting new ones when volunteers let us know they are interested in supporting something new. For example, we are currently working on starting an LGBTQIA+ online group, and a few new cities are hoping to launch Tech Clubs in 2022. 

Are there any online groups or new Tech Clubs that you’d like to be part of or help organize? We’d love to hear from you and help get it started! 

Want to help organize an existing online group or Tech Club?

Several of our current organizers are interested in bringing on more folks as co-organizers. There is no need to start a group in this case. Instead, you could help an existing group have even more support for active conversations, events, and calls. Check out the current groups and let us know if you’re interested in helping out as a co-organizer! 

Send an email to let us know if you want to start an online group or Tech Club or are interested in helping to co-organize an active one!

Jude Koski
Membership & Community Director

Jude has dedicated his career to serving marginalized communities through work in the nonprofit sector since 1996. He has helped youth experiencing homelessness access education, advocated for LGBTQIA+ youth and families, worked to reform foster care policy, and helped preserve urban open space and community gardens. Before joining the NTEN staff, he served on the NTEN Board of Directors and participated in NTEN programs since 2011. Jude holds an MBA in Sustainable Management from Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco. As a transgender professional, he has experienced the NTEN community as particularly welcoming and supportive. As membership director, he is deeply committed to ensuring everyone experiences solidarity within this important and unique community.

Outside of work, Jude helps manage the community cat population in his neighborhood through TNR (Trap Neuter Return). He lives in San Francisco with his partner and three rescued kitties. Jude enjoys designing and woodworking with repurposed materials and gardening.