Town Hall Report Back: January 2014

Thanks to everyone who joined this quarter’s NTEN Town Hall! I’m so excited to have these regular opportunities to report out from NTEN, share udpates about our work, and hear directly from all of you. Whether it’s feedback, questions, or general conversation, these calls and all that you share on them help us ensure we are focused on the right priorities and have consistent, open opportunities to connect directly with you. Below is a full report from topics covered on the Town Hall call and questions raised from participants.

NTEN Update

NTEN staff met in Portland for our winter staff meetings earlier in January. This was the transition point for various staff taking on new roles, including Eileigh (now focused exclusively on sponsors, exhibitors, and development), Julia (now serving as the catalyst for our educational programs), and Lindsay (now transitioned out of the organization formally as she takes on her next chapter in Arizona at the National Speakers Association).

The focus of our winter staff meetings was NTEN’s community-driven practice. How are we ensuring that programs come from the needs and goals of community members? How do our resources and communications provide a platform for new voices? What can we do to ensure we live up to our own values and stay closely connected to the community we exist to serve?

I am always available if you have ideas to share about how NTEN can serve you, your colleagues, or your community!

Our community-driven focus also means we are changing the way NTEN staff evaluations are created. Internally, we have a new organizational chart (if you can call it that! We call it the “rain drops”.) that better reflects the multidirectional relationships across the organization, including both program and support relationships. All staff will be participating in direct feedback and evaluation of each other’s work and we hope that you will contribute.

We will be regularly reaching out to individuals that we have interacted with (from a phone call, to an email, to a webinar) to ask for your honest feedback. We hope that this is not a burden (we will keep the evaluation process short and sweet) but instead allows every staff member to feel connected and accountable to our community.

14NTC Update

We’ve extended the Regular Registration deadline as we heard from many members that the earlier deadline this year was a struggle. Celebrate a happy Valentine’s Day by registering at the lower rate!

Do you want to volunteer at the NTC and help us coordinate the largest nonprofit technology gathering? We have volunteer opportunities remaining – both during the conference and the day before so you can pick the opportunity to meet your needs.

We know that the conference wifi is important; believe me, we really do hear you on this one and feel it ourselves. We’ve had a number of calls with the conference wifi provider. Looking at data from previous NTCs, it looks like we will have twice as much bandwidth as before, with a backup we can roll over to if need be. We are waiting to get additional reports on access points and a heat map from previous events to do as much as we can to ensure uptime. But, please knock on wood, and plan to use only one device at a time!

myNTC is the place to go for resources, connecting with other attendees, and planning out your agenda. If you are registered for the conference then you are automatically added to myNTC and the login credentials are the same as on the NTEN website or myNTEN community.

Online NTC will, as it has in the past, include the plenaries and then two concurrent sessions throughout the conference. Since we’ve expanded the conference this year to have a full three days of educational programs, Online NTC will also be for the full run of the NTC.

NTEN Research Update

We’ve got a committee for Membership, the NTEN: Change journal, and the NTC. What’s missing? A Research Committee! We’re looking for you.

The latest Technology Staffing & Investments Survey is open and we need your help: the more people that take the survey, the better the research can be. Please take the survey today and promote to your network!

After a year of work, the Collected Voices: Data-Informed Nonprofits report is here! This collection includes case studies, reflections, and successful practices from 18 community members who spent 2013 invested in data projects at their nonprofits. Download the report today!

2013 NTEN Challenge Update

Last week, I posted a report about the 2014 NTEN Challenge fundraising campaign, including data about donations, messages, and more. In that report, I shared that had raised $30,185. Just a week later, donations are still coming in and we are now up to $32,910! Thank you to everyone who donated, promoted the campaign, and continue to support this campaign, helping ensure both the NTC and our membershp and programs year-round are accessible.

And thank you to everyone for being part of this incredible community!

Amy Sample Ward
Driven by a belief that the nonprofit technology community can be a movement-based force for positive change, Amy is NTEN’s CEO and former membership director. Her prior experience in direct service, policy, philanthropy, and capacity-building organizations has also fueled her aspirations to create meaningful, inclusive, and compassionate community engagement and educational opportunities for all organizations. Amy inspires the NTEN team and partners around the world to believe in community-generated change. She believes technology can help nonprofits reach their missions more effectively, efficiently, and inclusively, and she’s interested in everything from digital equity to social innovation.