Three winners, two webinars, and load of #NTENthanks: Member Appreciation Month, Week 1

As Megan wrote last week, November is Member Appreciation Month in the NTEN community, and one of our favorite times of year.

NTEN Members share knowledge and experience, help their peers, and give of their time and expertise all year long. In November, we recognize all that sharing and generosity and say a heartfelt #NTENThanks – and we encourage you to say #NTENThanks on social media or nominate someone you admire to receive an award.

Each week we also choose a theme, and this week we’re celebrating people and technology in fundraising and programs.

This week’s webinars include:

Oh, and did we mention we’re giving away prizes all month long? The first of our prize winners are:

Will you be one of our winners this week? Stay tuned to find out!

A big #NTENthanks to all of our Member Appreciation Month sponsors for your support, and to all of you who make this nonprofit technology community so vibrant.