Things We Like (September 2015)

A monthly roundup of our favorite nonprofit tech resources and other goodies.

  1. Do you have wisdom to share about bridging the digital divide? The Partnership for Progress on the Digital Divide would love for you to participate in their upcoming 2015 conference. The deadline for submission is September 26.
  2. Anyone who was lucky enough to know Jake Brewer loved him. His death last weekend was a tragedy no words can describe. He was a hero to so many. Here is a written memorial from the Washington Post: “‘I lost part of my heart’: Beloved White House staffer Jake Brewer mourned.”
  3. [This space held as a moment of silence for Jake and for his family]
  4. Ta-Nehisi Coates is slated to write a comic for Marvel. Look for Black Panther—a hero with “the baddest costume in comics” doing good—next year.
  5. Here are six ways to use your Apple iPhone to do good, regardless of what costume you’re wearing.
  6. Sadly, here’s one way you can’t use your iPhone, because “Apple Rejects Hinder, A Reproductive Rights App By ‘The Daily Show’ Creator.” Apparently, being a professional woman in satire only gets you so far.
  7. At the Emmys earlier this week, we saw Taraji P. Henson cheering for Viola Davis when she won Best Actress in a Drama. Here is why this is a lesson for women and girls everywhere.
  8. Made with Code is a website that hopes to communicate to girls the lesson that they can literally (and we mean “literally” literally) do anything with code.
  9. If you want to communicate—a lesson, an update, a request for support—you need to believe in the power of visual communications.
  10. Here is an interview with the iconic visual artist Lisa Frank, who may just have represented you or a friend’s childhood life, as it did the interviewer.
  11. Socality Barbie is a visual parody of #lifeauthentic. Its portrayal of a carefully curated life hits a bit too close to home for some.
  12. Or how about this parody of the carefully-curated minimalist home?
  13. But if you’re going to eschew minimalism and have a pile of something in your home, how about a Cat Pile?
  14. We close out Things We Like with animal cuteness, compiled by scientists.
Steph Routh
Steph is NTEN's former Content Manager and currently serves as the Communication & Marketing Manager at the Community Cycling Center. She came to nonprofit work through the side door, after studying classical music performance, working in an Alaskan fish cannery, and teaching theater and creative writing in NYC and Thailand, among other pursuits. She has spent over a decade in the nonprofit sector, with a focus on organizational development, communications, fundraising, and program planning. Steph served as the first Executive Director of Oregon Walks for five years. She is passionate about removing barriers to opportunities and finding equity at the many intersections of social justice work. Steph is married to her bicycle and an aunt of two.