Things We Like (September 2013)

A monthly roundup of our favorite nonprofit tech resources and other goodies. Read more posts on our blog.

  1. What’s your plan for engaging millennials? Daniel Melbye has some great ideas for motivating millenials to help.
  2. Code for America helped build LocalData to empower communities to collect data with new tools like smartphone and paper-based surveys, and you don’t have to be an expert to use it!
  3. ‘Selfie,’ ‘fauxhawk,’ and ‘phablet’ are now part of the Oxford dictionary.
  4. A great collection of maps that might change the way you look at the world, or will just make you think of big block of cheese day.
  5. Do you remember your first trip to the beach? If not, you can relive it vicariously through this puppy.
  6. Have you ever had a day where you want to throw it all away and move to the woods and ride a buffalo around?
  7. When you have those days, a calming bunny can be just the help you need.