October 23, 2014

Things We Like (October 2014)

A monthly roundup of our favorite nonprofit tech resources and other goodies. Read more posts on our blog.

  1. In honor of this month’s Evaluation theme and the people who made it happen, here is what evaluators are thinking when they shop.
  2. What people in various countries are thinking when they think of corporations.
  3. Everyday sexism made visible: What we wish editors of tabloid headlines would think of when they report about women.
  4. You can make the visible invisible with this cloak of mirrors. A new transparent reality!
  5. Does foreign aid need more transparency? This and similar questions have prompted campaigns such as Publish What You Fund, in order to make international aid more effective.
  6. Or you could take the opposite approach and just ban foreign aid to stifle criticism, like a number of autocrats.
  7. Did we say autocrats? We meant cats. The worst cats. And of course, the only thing worse than the worst cats is the worst hippo.
  8. But what is a cat or a hippo, really? It is their existence that precedes their essence. And who are we to place absurd and baseless value judgments on other beings, such as orcs and paladins?
  9. The essence of the Internet made manifest in this glossary.
  10. The essence and potential of traffic signals is made manifest with “Real-time Dancing Crosswalk Guy.”
  11. Here’s something that makes us want to dance: Gmail is now possible in Cherokee to encourage language use among younger generations.
  12. Mozilla and the Ford foundation are kicking off a fellowship to encourage nonprofit work among younger techies.
  13. Johns Hopkins crowdsourced a fellowship of 3-D printing enthusiasts to create prosthetics for younger people with disabilities, building a whole new way of moving: kicking, throwing, you name it.
  14. Proprioception: a whole new way of moving.
  15. Could your nonprofit team use a whole new way of collaborating? Interact has just launched their annual Nonprofit Competition, with a new intranet as the grand prize.
  16. For Things We Like dessert, we show you a recipe book of s’mores, complete with a cameo appearance by the wondrous Julia Smith, NTEN’s Education Manager emerita.
Steph Routh
Steph is Content Manager at NTEN: The Nonprofit Technology Network. She has spent over a decade in the nonprofit sector, with a focus on organizational development, communications, fundraising, and program planning. Steph served as the first Executive Director of Oregon Walks for five years prior to joining NTEN. She is passionate about removing barriers to opportunities and finding equity at the many intersections of social justice work. And she feels lucky every day she is at NTEN, with a Community that does exactly that. Outside the NTEN office, Steph is the Mayor of Hopscotch Town, a consulting and small publishing firm that inspires and celebrates fun, lovable places for everyone. Steph is married to her bicycle and an aunt of two.