Things We Like (May 2013)

A monthly roundup of our favorite nonprofit tech resources and other goodies.

  1. We love to explore data about the nonprofit sector. We recently partnered with Avectra to take a look at “engagement” data – the actions, interactions, and even conversations that support our work. What did we find? There’s an infographic for that.
  2. It’s true, we said a buzz word already. But now that we’re talking about infographics, have you seen the Geography of Hate? It is a great example of using maps for storytelling.
  3. We’ve heard from NTEN members about Google Glass – some have even tried it out. We knew there would be many great hacks to come, and the power of face recognition sounds pretty useful for all of us working directly with our community.
  4. When Google Glass helps us remember a face, what do we do with faces we don’t want to remember? Animals so ugly they’re cute, for example!
  5. Sometimes, technology is there to help us get away from all the tech. Have you scheduled in time for nothing recently?
  6. On the other hand, technology can help us be efficient and effective in explaining our work so we have more time for that nothing! Check out the Foundation Center’s new digital annual report.
  7. There are always times when you want to evaluate or test something but just aren’t sure how to set up the experiment. Well, if you’d ever wondered about liquid in space, here’s an astronaut who set up the experiment for you!
  8. If you’ve made it this far, you certainly deserve something awesome. What about helping decide THE MOST AWESOME THING EVER? You can.