Things We Like (March 2014)

A monthly roundup of our favorite nonprofit tech resources and other goodies. Read more posts on our blog.

  1. This month, Care2 welcomed their 25,000,000th member and received their 175,000,000th petition signature.
  2. This month is also the third anniversary of craigconnects; and to celebrate, they put together an infographic sharing what they’ve learned about successful crowdfunding.
  3. Crowdfunding is a great option to consider, but you don’t want to forget about your site’s donation page. Give yours a lift with ideas from these ten great donation pages.
  4. Speaking of the crowd, The National Archives (UK) launched Operation War Diary, and is tapping the crowd to help with digital transcription of diaries from World War I.
  5. Instead of adding content, here’s an example of the citizens of the Internet removing content to create something new: Seinfeld scenes without any of the characters.
  6. It has survived NYC and basically everything else because the water bear is tough enough to survive in the vacuum of space.
  7. Have you lost productive time to the vacuum of smart phone games? Whether you loved it, hated it, or just missed out on it, the creator of Flappy Bird wants you to know that he’s sorry.
  8. Games! How about games for good: The full schedule for the Games for Change Festival is available – check out the world of games with social impact.
  9. And what would Things We Like be without some adorable pictures of cats?
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