Things We Like (June 2013)

  1. Are you looking for a different way to get more information about your community? Socialbrite reviewed some tools for asking your community what’s important to them and learning how effective your programs are.
  2. Why stop at collecting feedback? In the latest “closer look” report, we asked nonprofits about engagement data – how to collect it and how it impacts their work.
  3. What do gamification, MOOCs, and HTML5 have in common? They are all included in the 2013 Hottest E-Learning Trends. Obviously.
  4. If you’re not sure how to use Vine, check out these four easy ways to add Vine to your social messaging.
  5. A big thanks to Watershed for creating a very simple tool that can help save time and make your calls to social action seem pretty awesome: Check out the Share Code Generator!
  6. If cat videos have taught us anything, it is that a great (even if simple) video, can reach millions. Thanks to See3, Edelman, and YouTube, your videos might reach millions, too!
  7. A lot of people talk about using data to do everything better. The Girls Scouts of Northern California are using predictive analytics to lower volunteer loss.
  8. Some great out of the box thinking; The Bridge School uses tech to help students overcome their imparements.
  9. Baby ducks: the cure to your sads. Don’t be sad.