Things We Like (January 2013)

A monthly roundup of our favorite nonprofit tech resources and other goodies.

  1. ‘Tis the season: the season for Google Flu Trends to demonstrate the power of aggregated search data.
  2. So, if you were procrastinating on getting that flu shot, well… maybe procrastination isn’t such a bad thing. But please, at least wash your hands.
  3. Have you ever tried doing nothing for 2 minutes? It’s hard!
  4. Not as hard as raising money through social media, though. But it can be worth the effort, according to a new white paper.
  5. And reaching folks on mobile? Phew, that’s tough. But with 85% of American adults now owning a smart phone, how can we not try?
  6. Unless you’re one of those “This too shall pass” folks. In that case, you may be pleased to hear that we’re approaching the end of the smartphone era. Yes, that does mean something else is coming, but it will totally justify your lack of a mobile website in the short term.
  7. Besides, Idealist is looking to snap up all the great web developers. (It could be you!)
  8. We would like to take issue with whoever created Instant Google Street View. Yes, it’s awesome — but if you type in NTEN HQ’s address, you get stuck in a curio store. Forever! If you find a way out, please let us know. We do have a conference to plan, after all.
  9. Did you see the short documentary about a piano left on the street in New York City? It’s just a series of still images, but it’s almost heartbreaking. Just a reminder that the technology is there; you just need to make effective use of it.
  10. But you know us, we can’t leave you on a down note. Here it is: possibly the Best. Use. Ever. of an ABBA song. And a nonprofit made it. Thanks SPCA!