Things We Like (February 2016)

A monthly roundup of our favorite nonprofit tech resources and other goodies.

  1. This effort is all about fighting whitewashed history in Wikipedia with MIT’s diversity hackers.
  2. Digital Impact IO is all about fighting for a consent-based data future.
  3. When you are looking at your organization’s (consensually-attained) data in Google Sheets, wouldn’t it be great to alternate row colors?
  4. And whether you’re looking at data, creating a digital strategy, or dealing with spotty Internet access, have you ever wanted to choose background sounds to help you concentrate?
  5. Though if you’re the IT guy at Hogwart’s, a concentrating environment is a gift that may never come. Here’s his Tumblr.
  6. You might think it’s magic! These Doritos roses are a gift that—who knows?—may come from a secret source.
  7. Who knows who might give you an anonymous potato?
  8. If you’re looking for a gift for your cat, consider regifting an old t-shirt and turning it into a cat tent. Your cat will be so cozy!
  9. Some cats seek not the comforts of t-shirt tents, but rather the exotic thrills of adventure!
  10. Will Ferrell is apparently now an exotic animal expert For “The Late Show.”
  11. These two guinea pigs are experts on the merits of pumpkin spice.
  12. A company has asked you to be an expert in helping them redesign their website.
  13. OK Go once again redefines what is possible in a music video and are willing to say how they made zero gravity happen.
  14. Dax and Kristen created their own cover music video of Toto while in South Africa. NTEN’s Education Director came across it when planning his family’s trip back to the country.
  15. We are gearing up for 16NTC in San Jose (sorry, no music video…yet) but are always planning for future years. How about 25NTC near Sky Walk?
  16. Or maybe we should just pass the time watching this amazing digital sundial. It’s DIY, so we can all just stare into the shadows of digital time.
  17. We end Things We Like staring into the souls of cats and dogs, in pictures.
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