Things We Like (February 2015)

A monthly roundup of our favorite nonprofit tech resources and other goodies.

  1. A somber way to start Things We Like, but this article on “How One Stupid Tweet Blew Up Justine Sacco’s Life” seems to really strike home at the crowd-sourceable bullying aspect of the Internet and how it impacts real people. How do we, as nonprofit managers, nptechies, and/or community managers relate to this side of Community Management, recognizing that, “Ignominy is universally acknowledged to be a worse punishment than death?” How do we usher in thoughtfulness, redemption, renewal?
  2. Speaking of renewal, PBS is looking to reinvent the nature show genre.
  3. Remember the ViewMaster? Looks like it might be enjoying a second childhood.
  4. How about spending childhood furthering social change? These radical Brownies are doing just that.
  5. How have volunteers (and that probably means you at some point this year!) helped further social change? Here is a quantifiable view in this recently-released Volunteer Impact Report.
  6. Volunteers do everything from fighting fires to knitting koala mittens. And, thanks, everyone, but the koalas have enough mittens now.
  7. But there is no such thing as enough Portland! This effort is seeking volunteers to help build the city of Portland, Oregon in Minecraft, block by block.
  8. Build up the collective knowledge (read: get your geek on) of nonprofit skills in cities around the world this year and meet great people with this list of 2015 conferences.
  9. Some people don’t stop at going around the world. These space station astronauts get their Star Wars-themed geek on with this photo (and a bonus “sibling dogs licking astronaut photo” to melt your heart).
  10. Here are some more “melt your heart” photos: these dogs and cats could be (should be? are?) siblings.
  11. According to this author, Lenovo has no heart and sold its soul for not much regarding their recent, breathtaking, infuriating security gap.
  12. An author responds to the large-scale infuriation of holding women in tech to a higher standard than men, expecting them to be engineers when their male counterparts, well, aren’t.
  13. Here is a small-scale delight: a tiny hedgehog has a tiny birthday party with a tiny cake.
  14. To finish TWL, we hope you are ready for a powerful, short documentary about the Black Panther Party and how it relates to this time of protest.
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