Things We Like (December 2014)

A monthly roundup of our favorite nonprofit tech resources and other goodies. Read more posts on our blog.

  1. We’re kicking off Things We Like with these revolutionary ideas for social change in 2014.
  2. The revolution will be live-tweeted: Why #BlackLivesMatter is the new model for civil rights.
  3. Speaking of a model for civil rights, Hands Up United has launched its GoFundMe campaign for a Youth Tech Program in Ferguson.
  4. Citizen Four is the recently-launched movie about Edward Snowden’s journey to uncover data-related privacy breeches.
  5. You can journey through London’s civil landscape with these twelve data maps.
  6. Here’s a map of search data in list form. We celebrate that a nonprofit campaign — the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, the #5 most-searched phrase on the Google Trends Searches Top Chart — made the list.
  7. Is this a new trend? Japanese cat owners turn IKEA doll beds into adorable beds for cats.
  8. Here are thirteen adorably smooshy cats on glass.
  9. You say “smooshy,” I say, “smoochy.” There’s (finally!) video evidence that some dogs and cats just don’t like smooches.
  10. Even though 30,000 people purchased it, apparently some folks don’t like to be sent boxes of actual (dried) bullsh*t (but thank you for your donation to Heifer International!).
  11. Some people (maybe most people?) don’t like to be sent shovels and shovels full of emails that just feed the email monster.
  12. Shovel less and paddle more. These are the motions of kayaking and canoeing recorded through light painting.
  13. Google is encouraging girls to paint the White House Christmas tree lights with code.
  14. A recent sexist Barbie book about girl coding encouraged a Georgia Tech student to personally rewrite it.
  15. You can create and share a personalized snowflake.

Finally, we here at NTEN HQ hope that 2014 brings you joy to its last second of existence and that your socks remain dry. If you celebrate holidays this season, we wish you happy holidays.

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