Things We Like (August 2016)

A monthly roundup of our favorite nonprofit tech resources and other goodies.

  1. How one woman was inspired to climb her way out of fear, one icy step at a time.
  2. Something that might give cat lovers chills: Facebook sampled data from 160,000 users and determined cat people are sad and lonely.
  3. Maybe the story of a man trying to board a plane with a pet turtle decked out as a hamburger will cheer up the cat people.
  4. This video of a squirrel decked out as a photographer is a pretty great visual tour.
  5. Maybe squirrel-created video needs a soundtrack? Allow us to suggest adding President Obama’s summer playlist.
  6. Netflix obviously thought a nature documentary needed NSFW Aziz Ansari subtitles. They were correct.
  7. A live video feed from a national park is a nature documentary that needs little to give comfort and interest.
  8. A custom distribution plushie can offer a range of comfort and interest.
  9. This adapted nursery rhyme defines a range of distribution words. Measure and report with confidence!
  10. But not too much confidence, or you might seem threatening! How would you feel if I share these nine non-threatening leadership strategies? Would that be okay user behavior? I’m not 100% sure.
  11. You can measure user behavior with Google Analytics, Sheets, and Data Studio.
  12. Apparently you can grow pot in a portable toilet if you live in Oregon?
  13. Whether or not you live in NYC, the NY Public Library will send you an emoji-inspired image from its archives.
  14. Modern women wearing Ukrainian crowns were inspired by ancient tradition.
  15. We end Things We Like with the Bronx Zoo’s first little penguin in its 120-year history.

Photo credit: Cooper Review

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