August 27, 2014

Things We Like (August 2014)

A monthly roundup of our favorite nonprofit tech resources and other goodies. Read more posts on our blog.

  1. Three teens have created a police accountability app with tons of features as their awesome contribution to bringing We the People and government together.
  2. The White House’s Github — where, for example, code for the “We the People” petition site is housed — hit the 10,000 user mark earlier this month. The Administration apparently got so excited that they officially launched the US Digital Service.
  3. Now it’s your turn to get excited! May we suggest the Techsoup Storymakers 2014 as the object of your eager anticipation?
  4. We’re pretty darned excited ourselves to be featured in @ModMarkGroup’s eBook, Get Social: The Ultimate Online Marketing Guide for Social Good.
  5. From “!” to “exclamation point,” you can use Text Expansion to save yourself hours of typing every week. It’s a truncatable way of having your cake and eating it, too.
  6. Apparently, you can also have your Legos and eat them, too.
  7. Ever have trouble meeting people at parties? Here’s an idea: bring your chocolate Lego collection to the Idealist Engagement Party as an icebreaker to go with the delicious cocktails!
  8. Because good web design should ensure a good user experience for everyone, including those on the other side of a few tasty drinks, some bright minds have created Drunk User Testing.
  9. Fashion hangover: Apple’s 1986 clothing line was a glorious trainwreck.
  10. If anyone tries to critique the way you look, you can always say something like, “The pixel-calculating machinations of facial recognition algorithms transformed my face into a mess of unremarkable pixels.”
  11. If Tolkien had drawn Yoda, here’s what he might have looked like. A slightly different universe than the one we know of as Star Wars.
  12. The digital world is changing our known universe, and Genevieve Bell can describe this in a way that only an anthropologist who works at Intel Labs can.
  13. Your cat pictures can describe a great deal about you, as evidenced by the creepily- and aptly named website
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