Things We Like (April 2015)

A monthly roundup of our favorite nonprofit tech resources and other goodies. Read more posts on our blog.

  1. TechKlub Kraków just had an event this week with 150 attendees! Hats off to organizers bringing people together through technology.
  2. An unfortunate reply-to email fracas in Berkeley ended up bringing people together for a picnic.
  3. What do nonprofits want in management software that brings volunteers together? Software Advice asked nonprofit staff what real volunteer management solutions they are looking for.
  4. Tired of looking for real solutions? The Twitter feed @fakeproducthunt has daily fake solutions to problems that don’t exist.
  5. The problem of finding the best cat pictures has dogged (ahem) the Internet for eons. Okay, decades. Yet here they are—the best 100 cat pictures gathered and put on display.
  6. Wonderful nerds put Wonder Woman’s invisible jet on display at the National Air and Space Museum.
  7. Different but also wonderful nerds have put ants in space and on display online. The experiment was to learn how ants coordinate exploration of new environments.
  8. The Fundraising Online Conference 2015 is an exploration of new digital fundraising environments, coordinated by the Resource Alliance. Sixteen sessions and surely countless lessons!
  9. Here are ten lessons nonprofits can learn from The Breakfast Club.
  10. Vu from “Nonprofit With Balls” has drafted four children’s books to teach valuable nonprofit lessons to our sector’s future leaders.
  11. Apparently, website redesign projects can learn valuable lessons from paying a drunk guy to critique their website.
  12. The arcade game industry has taken on beer as part of its redesigned user experience.
  13. A young woman has taken on the video game industry. What will it take to get free female characters as often as male characters? We may just find out, thanks to Ms. Messer.
  14. What will it take to get a nonprofit job in 2020? According to this article, you can improve your chances with data savvy and design skills.
  15. How can you say what you mean and get people to listen? Here are some tips to improve your speaking skills in fifteen minutes.
  16. And here’s how to say “yes” (by not saying “yes”).
  17. Sometimes it’s better to just not say anything, am I right? For example, anything that follows, “It’s not P.C. to say this, but …” It’s awkward, and not in that adorable way.
  18. Whereas kittens who haven’t mastered the pounce yet are, indeed, adorably awkward!
  19. According to Yelp reviews, newborn babies are not adorable at all. Check out the one-star entries.
  20. We finish Things We Like (TWL) with a news piece whose subhead really cannot be improved upon: “Five police cars were hot on the tails of the three equids after they went missing from a ranch in the Belgian capital.” Related: “Is that you, Mom?
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