Things We Like (April 2014)

A monthly roundup of our favorite nonprofit tech resources and other goodies. Read more posts on our blog.

1. In last month’s Things We Like, we noted that nonprofit crowdfunding is on the rise. What would you like to see on a crowdfunding bill of rights for donors? Inquiring minds want to know.

2. And it’s not just crowdfunding that’s on the rise! Noting that online giving and connecting have never been greater for nonprofits, NTEN hit the “pages” of Mashable this month with the recent M+R Benchmarks report.

3. Remember real pages? They seem to stretch the imaginations of the people of Portlandia. “What’s a library? Is that like a big Kindle?”

4. This video captures a woman experiencing the unimaginable: hearing for the first time. It’s like watching a superhero unlocking her secret power.

5. Speaking of heroes, the Global Teacher Prize has been created to celebrate the teaching profession and to honor a teacher who inspires her/his students and the community around them. Nominations are accepted through August, and in 2015, one exemplary teacher will walk away with a cool million.

6. In true teacher fashion, XKCD cuts through some of the erroneous reports about Heartbleed to bring you an understanding of how the virus works.

7. Dude, where’s my cow? A new app could curb livestock and produce theft that’s bleeding some farmers in Jamaica out of a livable wage.

8. In support of a living wage and more, this new smartphone’s ethical values start with its supply chain.

9. Left your smartphone at home before saying, “I do?” If professional wedding photography and catered salad bar just don’t communicate your special day well enough, you can now pay $3k to have someone live-tweet your wedding.

10. This little piggy went to the salad bar, and this little piggy had some.

11. Tuckered after the big day and just want to find a place to cop a squat? Two words: Google naps.

12. You can also get napping tips from your cat, who sleeps 70% of her/his life. This and 81 other astounding facts about cats can be found here.