Things We Like (and Will Miss About Brett)

Did you know that in his six years at NTEN, Brett has sent more than 6 million emails? It’s true.

It is with the same combined emotion of being impressed and knowing it’s true that I announce today that Brett will be stepping down from his role as NTEN’s Communications Director at the end of February.

Beyond sending emails, in Brett’s time at NTEN he helped create a community of nonprofit leaders who were excited to learn and share with each other, he wrangled a website with the best of them, and he provided insight and guidance to our strategic direction and evaluation of our work.

It seems too simple to say he will be missed, but at least he isn’t going very far. At the beginning of March, Brett will be joining the crew over at ThinkShout, a long-time NTEN member, NTC Sponsor, and general do-good team in the nonprofit technology community.

It seems only fitting that we say thank you for all that Brett has created for and given to this community by sharing our very own:

Things We Like (About Brett)

  1. The magic of the Internet is elusive to many, but Brett has always known what makes us want to click and register for events.
  2. If cute animals weren’t the hook, Brett was always right there, waiting for you, with a Star Wars reference. (If only Wikipedia had an entry cataloguing Brett’s email references!)
  3. Curious if other readers have taken the link bait yet? Brett knows. How? Because he often sits mesmerized by the live Google stats for the website
  4. Outside of work, the NTEN staff love to eat. And we will miss Brett’s service as our in-house restaurant guide.
  5. Though, despite Brett’s vast knowledge of seemingly all restaurants in Portland, he did have a history of finding the ones with the most meat on the menu.
  6. Restaurant menus are one thing, but Brett also has a particularly intense leadership calling for guiding staff through Beer Fests. All your beerz are belong to Brett!
  7. In honor of all the beer snobbery that Brett brought to the culture of NTEN, we want to give his new team a suggested welcome gift idea.

(Brett taught me that odd numbered lists in blog posts get more clicks.) [Ed. Note: Your mileage may vary. Please dig into your own data!]

Thank you, Brett, for all of the incredible work, the room-filling laughs, and the fun journey. From all of us at NTEN and in the community, we are thankful for the last six years of working together and very glad you aren’t going far. Looking forward to coming to your NTC session in Minneapolis this year!